Donald Trump goes apeshit after he’s forced back to Manhattan as his legal troubles worsen

Donald Trump has been whining and crying like a defeated baby all day today, and now – just after midnight – he’s giving away why he’s been in such a dour mood all day.


Trump has been forced to go back to Manhattan tonight so he can testify in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil probe into the Trump Organization’s longtime pattern of financial fraud, and he’s not happy about it.


This case is related to but separate from the Manhattan DA’s criminal investigation, which has already resulted in 34 felony charges against Donald Trump. As of now there are no criminal charges on the table in Letitia James’ probe, but she always has the option to convert her civil probe into a criminal probe if needed.

Trump is ranting and raving on his failed social media site about how he “built magnificent structures all over the World, but particularly in New York, & now have to prove it to this LOWLIFE.” We won’t share any more of it, but you get the idea.

The kicker is that Donald Trump is more hated in his hometown of New York City than anywhere else. New Yorkers have been working to take Trump’s name off buildings ever since he entered politics. That’s because New Yorkers know better than anyone that Trump is a lifelong ripoff artist who’s finally facing the music.

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