Donald Trump has “morons” meltdown right on cue

Earlier we pointed out that Donald Trump had gone quiet on his social network for the past twenty-one hours. Here’s the kicker. Just ten minutes after we posted our article, Trump had another meltdown right on cue.


We’re sure it’s a coincidence that moments after we mocked Trump for his prolonged silence, he erupted. Sure, that’s it. But anyway, Trump is now ranting about “These Morons in the White House” headed up by “Hopeless Joe Biden” and a bunch of other gibberish.


What’s interesting here is that while Trump is melting down again, he’s focusing his rage solely on President Biden and the Democrats. Even now he seems to be avoiding attacking the prosecutors, judges, and witnesses in the criminal cases against him. It makes us wonder if his babysitters are still keeping the keys away from him, and if they posted this latest rant themselves, just so people would stop mocking Trump for having gone silent.

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