Did somebody take Donald Trump’s keys away?

After his arrest and arraignment, Donald Trump was making one unhinged social media post after another, attacking and threatening everyone from prosecutors to judges to witnesses, in an unhinged attempt at… well, who knows? Once you’re a criminal defendant, there’s no strategy in this kind of thing. It just makes it worse for you.


So it’s interesting that about 21 hours ago, Trump suddenly went silent. Since that time, he hasn’t posted anything to his social media site. There are a couple new embedded videos on his timeline, but that kind of thing is obviously posted by his handlers, not by Trump himself. He’s simply gone quiet.


So what happened? Has Trump finally figured out that running his mouth like this will only result in more pretrial restrictions on him, and potentially additional criminal charges? Or did someone around Trump take his keys away? He’ll likely be back at it before long. He can’t help himself. But it is interesting that he’s been silent for nearly a full day now.

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