Donald Trump has incoherently bizarre meltdown about Walter Reed Medical Center

We all remember when Donald Trump ran off to Walter Reed Medical Center during his time in office, right? He and his people never could cough up a straight answer about what happened. And later, out of nowhere, Trump announced that it was untrue that he’d suffered a series of mini-strokes. We may never know what really happened to Trump that night, but it turns out Walter Reed is still very much on his mind.


In his latest social media meltdown, Donald Trump is now suggesting that Ron DeSantis be taken to Walter Reed Medical Center for an “emergency personality transplant.” Huh? We agree that DeSantis has the personality of a wet rag. But why is Trump suddenly focused on Walter Reed? Makes you wonder what triggered that particular memory for him.


In this same meltdown, Trump also goes on to rant about how Florida has the “Sun & the Ocean” – so who knows? Maybe he’s so far gone he’s afraid he’s about to end up at Walter Reed, and that’s why he’s trying to project that onto DeSantis.

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