“It’s not going to end nicely” for Donald Trump

It’s never a good day when even your own allies are admitting that it’s over for you. But Donald Trump is now in so historically much trouble, facing criminal indictments in three jurisdictions while desperately trying to pass himself off as a political candidate, some folks from Trump’s camp are finally admitting.


Chris Christie, who has been on the outs with Donald Trump for awhile but still periodically tries to play cheerleader for him, said this about Trump during a recent panel session: “It’s not going to end nicely, no matter what. His end will not be a calm and quiet conclusion.”


Christie is likely correct. Trump is only polling at around 55% in the Republican primary polls as it is, and his criminal indictments will erode that number further and create an opening for another candidate to pull ahead of Trump. But for as long as Trump lasts into this cycle prior to being carted off to prison, he’s going to keep trying to destroy any Republican candidate who has any momentum.

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