Donald Trump may have an Allen Weisselberg problem after all

When Allen Weisselberg parted ways with his Trump-funded attorney a week ago, it raised questions about whether he was cutting a deal against Donald Trump or what. Then Trump’s team claimed that they were the ones who fired Weisselberg’s lawyer for fear that he might help Weisselberg cut a deal, and that they had supplied Weisselberg with a new lawyer.


Now that Trump has tried putting Weisselberg in his place by forcing a new less-friendly lawyer on him, we’re all waiting to see if this causes Weisselberg to fall in line or reach his breaking point and flip.


MSNBC’s Alex Wagner made a good point on air tonight. If Weisselberg is getting out of prison in two weeks, why would he even need a lawyer anymore? This goes back to the reporting from a month ago that the Manhattan DA was considering additional criminal charges against Weisselberg. If this happens, Weisselberg could end up looking at years more prison time instead of mere weeks.

Trump seems to think that Weisselberg will end up getting hit with more charges, or he wouldn’t still be paying for Weisselberg’s attorney in order to try to keep him from flipping. If the Manhattan DA can indeed get Weisselberg to flip, it would allow the DA to hit Trump with all kinds of additional charges related to insurance fraud and more. Yes, even more felony charges.

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