Donald Trump now potentially looking at life in prison

Donald Trump has been charged with thirty-four felony counts in Manhattan. They’re considered lower-level felonies. The charges Trump is facing in the Fulton County and DOJ cases are expected to be more serious felonies.


But the charges in Manhattan alone, by virtue of there being thirty-four of them, could be enough to send Trump to prison for the rest of his natural life. Vanity Fair thinks that the thirty-four charges in Manhattan could add up to a 136 year prison sentence, or four years per charge.


There are other legal experts who have pointed out that the sentences for each charge can potentially be assigned concurrently, which would mean that Trump would only get a four year sentence even if he’s convicted on all counts. But Trump is 76 years old and is in visibly poor health. Even a four year sentence would likely be a de facto life sentence for him.

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