Donald Trump Jr. gets desperate after his father is arrested

Even though Donald Trump is melting down in sullen and deflated fashion in the wake of his arrest, it’s possible that Donald Trump Jr. is taking the news even harder. Junior, who’s appeared to be unwell for some time now, is unraveling even further.


Donald Trump Jr. is now using his Twitter account to beg people to sign an online petition protesting against his father’s arrest. That’s right, an online petition. What is this, 2006? Didn’t everybody figure out a long time ago that these kinds of things don’t do anything?


Junior is also urging everyone – “right left and center” – to come together against Donald Trump’s arrest. Who’s going to be the one to break it to Junior that polling shows 60% of Americans support the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump? The Trump family never had the left, and lost the center awhile ago.

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