Vladimir Putin reportedly gravely ill

Russian President Vladimir Putin has always been an evil bastard, but over the past year he’s also become something else: incoherent and stupid. The Putin who decided to invade Ukraine without sufficient military resources, and got the Russian economy crushed as a result, is not the same Putin that we’ve all come to know and hate over the years. So what changed?


There have been rumors in the media for awhile that Putin may be sick. But now The Independent is reporting that leaked classified documents refer to Putin undergoing chemotherapy.


This would mean that Putin is gravely ill, and that he’s taking unwarranted risks because he may not expect to survive anyway. It would also mean that Putin could be suffering the cognitive deficits that often occur during chemotherapy treatment.

Millions of good natured people become gravely ill and undergo chemotherapy without suddenly having the urge to invade a sovereign nation. But Vladimir Putin was an evil sociopath to begin with. It’s possible that his health issues, the side effects of his treatment, and his existing sociopathy, have combined to give us this new Vladimir Putin who’s both evil and stupid.

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