Mike Pence’s 2024 campaign is off to an utterly disastrous start

We all know that Mike Pence has no chance in 2024 and is only running for President in the hope of keeping his campaign limping along for long enough to end up getting a lucrative book deal out of it. Pence’s last book deal landed him an advance of around $3 million, so this is serious stuff.


The trick for Pence is that even if his 2024 Republican primary poll numbers are weak, he still has to convince right wing donors to give him just enough money to keep his campaign alive all the way to Iowa, so he can use the national media feeding frenzy of the Iowa caucus to really promote that book.


Let’s just say that this effort isn’t going well. Mike Pence gave a speech to the NRA today – a group full of people who are as big of gun nuts as Pence is – and yet large chunks of the audience reportedly booed him just for being Mike Pence. If he’s already getting booed like this by the people who are supposed to be supporting him, how is he supposed to limp all the way to the Iowa caucus ten months from now? This guy’s campaign might not last ten more weeks.

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