Donald Trump bottoms out with historically bad favorability numbers

We kept hearing about how Donald Trump’s criminal indictment and arrest were somehow going to cause his 2024 Republican primary poll numbers to go up, but that didn’t happen; he’s still in the same mid-fifties range in Republican primary polling that he’s been stuck in for two years.


Even as Trump has failed to see a bump within his own primary voting base, his numbers with the overall voting base are heading downward. Trump has never had strong favorability ratings to begin with. But now the latest ABC News poll has Trump’s favorability at just 25%. That just historically bad.


This is just one poll, and you always want to try to wait for other polling outlets to update their numbers before concluding that something is indeed a trend. But with Trump scoring a 25% in his first major favorability rating poll since his arrest, that’s just bad. And it suggests he’ll drop in other polls to varying degrees as well.

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