Marjorie Taylor Greene spent campaign money on WHAT?

The funny thing about “anti-government” and politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene is that they go on and on about how corrupt the government is, but then they usually end up being the most corrupt of all.


Greene’s latest FEC filing shows that she spent $65,257.49 in campaign funds on a new fence for her own home. No really, a fence. This is allowed under the rules, under the premise that a public office holder might need additional security in place in order to remain safe. But even though it’s legal, it’s still corrupt on her part. No one needs a $65,257.49 fence.


Marjorie Taylor Greene needs to be careful here. This time it’s a ridiculously expensive fence, that just happens to fall within the overly lax rules. But if she keeps doing this kind of thing, sooner or later she’s going to end up blowing campaign funds on something that’s both corrupt and against campaign finance laws. And that’s the part where you get criminally indicted for it.

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