Donald Trump goes berserk as his 2024 fantasy falls apart

We were all told that Donald Trump’s indictment and arrest would only serve to help his 2024 poll numbers. But that didn’t happen. He’s still stuck in the same 55% range as ever in Republican primary polling. And now his overall favorability rating is at an all time low.


But Trump keeps insisting over his on his failed social network that he’s somehow ahead of President Biden in 2024 general election polling, “by a lot!” Each time Trump goes on a bender about this, he exaggerates the specific numbers even more, which is easy enough to do when you’re making up the numbers to begin with.


Except now even the Wall Street Journal is admitting that Trump would lose to Biden, even if Trump were to somehow make it that far amid his worsening criminal troubles. Trump isn’t taking it well, accusing the WSJ of being “one of the worst, and most partisan, media outlets anywhere.” Well yeah, the WSJ is partisan in a right wing direction. But even they’ve moved on from Trump’s sinking ship.

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