Donald Trump’s Manhattan defense attorney caught in the act

Donald Trump’s new criminal defense attorney in the Manhattan case, Joe Tacopina, hasn’t exactly done well for his client so far. Tacopina has had a couple of embarrassing TV performances so far. But now a TV appearance from before he represented Trump is coming back to haunt him.


About five years ago, Tacopina went on CNN and argued that criminally pursuing Donald Trump over the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal was “fair game” and that Michael Cohen’s assertions about the scandal were worthy of prosecutors’ attention:


Oops. Donald Trump has long had a habit of hiring attorneys after seeing them appear on cable news. But you can’t really pick a criminal defense attorney that way, because you don’t know what all else they’ve said about you on cable news over the years. And now the Manhattan DA has footage of Trump’s own criminal defense attorney arguing that this prosecution is “fair game.”

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