Donald Trump has completely insane midnight Truth Social meltdown on eve of his espionage indictment

One of Donald Trump’s biggest problems these days is that while he used to strategically hype conspiracy theories to gain support from the kinds of losers who believe in them, Trump now eagerly believes every conspiracy theory that comes along. He’s dipped way too deep into his own product.


But then when you’re as hopeless, desperate, and cornered as Trump is, you probably latch onto anything you can. For instance Trump is now pinning his hopes on a conspiracy theory about the DOJ and an attorney’s witness or something – and he’s going completely bonkers about it.


Shortly after midnight, Trump posted an extremely lengths all caps screed which (falsely) claimed that there is “NOW EXTREME TURMOIL INSIDE THE DOJ” due to a “SALACIOUS ACT” (sorry Trump, that’s not what that word means). Trump then demanded that “THE FAKE “CASE” AGAINST ME MUST BE IMMEDIATELY DROPPED.” Yeah, good luck with that. Trump is going to prison.

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