Donald Trump goes on bizarre rant about not leaving an inheritance to kids who don’t deserve it

Donald Trump isn’t exactly all there these days, to put it mildly. Even when he’s reading from a script, it still shows, due to how often he wanders off script into incoherent tangents.


Take for instance this video clip in which Trump is supposed to be making the case that he’s made it easier for farmers to leave their farms to their kids after they’ve passed away. But about 35 seconds in, Trump goes off on a bizarre tangent:


Trump ended up saying this: “If you don’t love your children so much, and there are some people that don’t, and maybe deservedly so, it won’t matter, because frankly you don’t have to leave them anything.”

Remember, this was supposed to be a promotional video about inheritance taxes. What is Trump even talking about? Is he threatening not to leave his own kids anything? Is this just incoherent babble apropos of nothing at all? Trump is so far gone these days, it’s often difficult to figure out what he was even attempting to say.

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