Frantic Donald Trump erupts about “World War III” for the second time in one day

You’d think that after Donald Trump woke up on Easter morning and declared “World War III” without any additional context, that would have been enough, and he’d have then passed out or something. Instead he’s spent the rest of the day obsessively ranting about his DOJ classified documents criminal case. And now, to top it all off, Trump is once again erupting about “World War III.”


Trump started off with this incoherent request: “Could somebody please explain to Biden that MAGA means Make America Great Again.” Wait, what? He then declared that the United States is a “failing nation” that is losing its “currency standard” (this is gibberish). He then claimed that the U.S. will “end up in World War lll with these vicious, but very stupid, people in charge.”


In that case it should all come as a relief for Donald Trump. World War III would seemingly keep him from going to prison, because he’d all be gone anyway. It is interesting that Trump, who has reached a point where his life is effectively over, is now fantasizing that everyone else is facing the same fate. Sorry Trump, but we’ll all still be here living our lives when you’re in prison.

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