Donald Trump completely loses it over Fulton County indictment

Donald Trump spent all of Sunday ranting so obsessively about the DOJ classified documents criminal case against him, it seemed to give away that he’d been tipped off that the indictment is coming very soon. Now that everyone is calling Trump out for having tipped his hand, he’s suddenly switching up his focus.


After an entire day of ranting about the classified documents case, at nearly 10pm Trump finally changed his tune and began ranting about the Fulton County criminal indictment process instead. Even if he is just trying to belatedly distract from what he gave away about the DOJ case, he now appears to be giving something away about the Fulton County case.


Trump is now claiming that Fulton County DA Fani Willis is “having an impossible time showing that my ‘PERFECT’ phone call was bad.” To be clear, there is no reporting of any kind to support this, and no way that Trump could possibly know this. In fact, given that Willis has already finished building he case with a special grand jury, and is just waiting for regular grand jury time so she can go through the formality of bringing the indictment, Trump’s claim doesn’t even make sense.

If anything, this feels like a classic case of Donald Trump simply making up an imaginary and hallucinatory scenario in which he magically escapes being indicted, and then floating that scenario in the hope of convincing everyone (or perhaps just himself) that it’s true. Nice try, Trump. You’re scared as hell of the indictments that are coming next.

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