This is just embarrassing for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is already having a bad enough week, having been indicted in Manhattan on 34 criminal charges, and being forced to surrender himself for arrest on Tuesday. Now Trump is finding new ways to embarrass himself, as he desperately tries to spin his indictment as somehow being a good thing for him.


Trump just used his own social network to share a Twitter poll that claims he’ll now get 83% of the Republican primary vote as a result of his indictment. No really, a Twitter poll. Conducted by one of his fans, no less, which means that of course most of the respondents are also going to be his fans.


Do you know how desperate you have to be to hold up a Twitter poll conducted among your own existing fans as supposed proof that things are looking up for you? While we’re at it, let’s survey the fans of a certain football team to find out who they think will win the Super Bowl. Or let’s survey Justin Bieber fans to find out if they think Justin Bieber’s music is good. Come to think of it, we probably shouldn’t drag Bieber into this. It’s not like he’s being criminally indicted.

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