Bill Barr whines like a baby after Donald Trump gets indicted

Bill Barr, who as Attorney General corruptly blocked the DOJ from indicting “Individual 1” Donald Trump on hush money charges in the first place, is now accusing the Manhattan DA of prosecutorial “abuse.”


That’s cute, but it really just gives something away here. Barr rarely speaks in public these days. The fact that he’s piping up about this case, in such defensive fashion, underscores that he knows this Manhattan case is a reminder that he’s the one who corruptly let Trump off the hook in the first place.


It’s important to keep in mind that even as someone like Bill Barr runs his mouth today, he’s completely powerless. Barr can’t protect Trump. All that a criminal like Barr can do is whine, as he helplessly watches the return of the rule of law.

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