Donald Trump goes off the incoherent deep end ahead of his arrest and arraignment

Donald Trump is set to surrender himself for arrest and arraignment on Tuesday. Trump is already threatening to give a speech immediately after his arraignment, which suggests he doesn’t really understand the gravity of his situation. Now Trump is making social media posts which suggest he may be slipping away from reality, and even coherence, entirely.


Trump is now sharing poetry on his own social network. Yes poetry. From other more cultured people, that might make sense. But Trump posting poetry is about as far out there as you can get.


Trump is posting things like “The test of a man is how much he will bear. For a cause which he knows to be right, How long will he stand in the depths of despair, How much will he suffer and fight?”

Trump is also interspersing his poetry posts with unhinged rants such as “Committing TYRANNY as our GREAT MAGA President TRUMP is INDICTED! OPEN CORRUPTION!”

The shift back and forth between sullen defeatism and unhinged defiance suggests a jarring instability in Donald Trump’s mindset. It’s as if he knows it’s all over for him, and he has moments where he’s beginning to accept that reality, but then he tries to drown that out of his head by putting on a defiant display of empty bluster. We’re watching a man, who was never really all there, fully losing his mind.

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