Donald Trump has unhinged meltdown about a “war” against his enemies

It appears someone has explained to Donald Trump that if he keeps attacking and threatening the Manhattan District Attorney or other prosecutors, it’ll just result in tighter restrictions against him once he’s indicted and arraigned. But Trump, a creature of habit, is now trying to cause trouble in other ways.


Trump just used his social network to cite an article with the title “Democrats Want to Indict & Arrest President Trump. They Want a War? Let’s Give It To Them.” The article calls for right wing prosecutors everywhere to begin arbitrarily criminally indicting Democratic leaders just to screw with them.


When you’re Donald “history of violence” Trump and you’re making any post about a “war” on the eve of your arrest, everyone knows exactly what you’re doing. Good luck to Trump trying to explain these posts to the judge at his arraignment hearing. All of this stuff will come into play when deciding what basic privileges Trump does or doesn’t have while awaiting trial.

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