Donald Trump is UNDER ARREST. Repeat, Donald Trump is UNDER ARREST.

So many people on all sides said it would never happen no matter what. But here we are, and Donald Trump is UNDER ARREST today. An hour ago Trump yelled “WOW, they are going to ARREST ME” on his own social network and for once his claim turned out to be accurate.


Trump is now going through the arraignment hearing, which won’t be televised due to the judge having ruled against having any TV cameras in the courtroom. But everything that happens in the arraignment hearing will be quickly reported by the media once it’s over.


We’ll soon find out what the precise charges are against Trump, what initial restrictions the judge has placed on him, and what warnings the judge has given him about what’ll happen if he violates those rules.

Meanwhile Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg reportedly has a press conference scheduled to start today at around 3:30pm eastern time. That press conference could run late if the arraignment itself runs late. This is all going to be fluid today. But the one thing that won’t change is that Donald Trump has been arrested today. It’ll all downhill for him from here.

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