Donald Trump has a bizarre new obsession with wood chippers and axes

We’ve all know that the more desperate and hopeless things got for Donald Trump, the more frantically out of control he’d spiral. Now that he’s under criminal indictment for thirty-four felonies, facing a civil rape trial, and on the verge of being indicted by the DOJ, he’s spiraling about like you’d expect.


What stands out is Trump’s growing obsession with violence. He’s always been violent for as long as he’s been in politics. He frequently implied violence during his 2016 campaign. He incited the violent terrorist attack on January 6th. But now there’s something weird going on.


Yesterday Trump used his social media page to make reference to Ron DeSantis going into a “wood chipper.” Today Trump is talking about how he’s going to “take an axe” to the rest of the government. As Trump’s prospects for the future bottom out, his rhetoric is incorporating more violent references by the day. Trump belongs in prison before his rhetoric can turn even more violent.

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