Donald Trump’s last shred of dignity just left the building

“Donald Trump” and “dignity” are not exactly words that have ever gone in the same sentence, or for that matter in the same paragraph. But since he was booted from office, Trump has continually found new ways to debase himself even further.


Barbra Streisand summed it up particularly well with this tweet: “Donald Trump has sullied the office of the Presidency in so many ways. Now he is selling ridiculous trading cards of a slimmer cartoon character of himself on motorcycles with electric guitars. The man has no dignity, anything for a quick buck.”


Of all the weird, stupid, and undignified things that Trump has done over the past two years, the digital trading cards are perhaps the best sign that he’s not in any way serious about 2024. He’s just trying to make a buck on his way to prison, and everyone knows it.

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