Confused Donald Trump ends up quoting Joy Reid

The one fact everyone can all agree on in politics right now is that Ron DeSantis is in full scale collapse on the national stage. His 2024 poll numbers have fallen by about half over the past month. And his behavior keeps becoming more erratic.


Speaking of erratic people, Donald Trump is loving the fact that DeSantis is falling apart. But Trump seems to be confused about who his enemies are, because over on his failed social network he just quoted MSNBC’s Joy Reid of all people.


Joy Reid said this: “Ron DeSantis’ D.C. charm offensive was a massive failure—Florida’s governor, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, may have been looking for a coronation when he met lawmakers in Washington. He got a clown show, instead.” And she’s right of course.

But for Donald Trump to be steering his own audience toward Joy Reid, one of Trump’s biggest critics, is just weird. And why would Trump think that he’s gaining any “credibility” with his far right social media audience by quoting MSNBC?

Trump has no idea what he’s doing anymore. DeSantis is in full scale collapse, he’s lost 20 points in national polls, and yet Trump has picked up zero of those points. Trump’s biggest opponent is imploding, and Trump is too confused to even figure out how to try to capitalize on it.

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