“These Losers are dying” – Donald Trump goes completely off the rails

Donald Trump’s political handlers want everyone to focus on the fact that he’s giving a speech at some low level Republican event in Florida tonight. But as usual, Trump can’t stay on script. Ahead of the event, he’s busy ranting and raving on social media about… jokes.


That’s right, jokes. As in, Trump can’t take a joke. Trump is now claiming that all the late night talk show hosts – none of whom were ever impressed with him – are going down the tubes. “These Losers are dying,” Trump is declaring. Really? Because we just checked, and the late night hosts all still have their jobs. As opposed to Trump, who got fired two-plus years ago and has been unemployed ever since.


Meanwhile Trump is ending his tirade by insisting that late night hosts are “highly overpaid, easily replaceable, fools!” Right after that is a link to Sean Hannity’s website. Talk about a highly overpaid, easily replaceable fool. The jokes are just too easy.

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