Donald Trump Jr. goes on unhinged rant about how they’re going to “throw us in jail”

Donald Trump Jr. is not doing well. He hasn’t been for awhile. His social media posts over the past year or two have largely just been him rambling in such paranoid delusional fashion that you have to wonder if he’s completely devoid of loved ones who can get him the help he appears to need.


Today Trump Junior took his paranoia to whole new heights when he tweeted this in response to the suggestion that TikTok might be banned: “Nothing is ever as it seems. The uniparty wants more power to control what we do and see. And now we’re going to give the Biden goons the ability to throw us in jail for 20 years if they decide we’re in violation of this craziness? No thanks.”


Wait, so Donald Trump Jr. really thinks he and others are going to end up in prison for 20 years just for using TikTok? Even he can’t possibly believe that, right? Is he just obsessed with the idea of going to prison because of the numerous criminal investigations into his father and his family business? Seems like something new has Junior rattled.

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