Donald Trump has unhinged meltdown about Alec Baldwin

Donald Trump just keeps finding ways to have bad timing. Several hours ago he had a meltdown on his social media site about Alec Baldwin of all people, declaring that “I believe Alec became a psycho, a very sick puppy.” Of course this was all just an attempt at plugging Trump’s bizarre new book, which contains friendly letters that various celebrities – including Baldwin – wrote to Trump decades ago before he got anywhere near politics.


Of course Baldwin famously and mercilessly mocked Trump on Saturday Night Live for years. More recently Baldwin has been caught up in the tragic and deadly accidental shooting on a movie set. Baldwin has been criminally charged in the matter. With his social media post today, Trump seemed to be gleefully kicking Baldwin while he’s down.


But just a few hours after Trump made his social media post mocking Alec Baldwin, the news broke that the criminal charges against Baldwin had been dropped. This was predictable; the charges against Baldwin were never going to stick. Meanwhile Trump remains under criminal indictment for thirty-four felonies, with more indictments in other jurisdictions on the way.

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