Donald Trump releases insane new video revealing just how far gone he is

Given how shaky and confused Donald Trump has seemed in his recent television interviews and such, there’s been a growing suspicion that his more assertive social media posts are being ghostwritten for him. In an apparent attempt at giving Trump his voice back, his handlers are now posting a series of brief videos of Trump to social media. But it’s not going well.


Most of these video clips have been well under a minute long. They generally just consist of Trump stumbling through some inane talking point while standing awkwardly in front of a bunch of misplaced American flags.


Now Trump’s people have posted a video of Trump that’s only two seconds long, and literally only consists of Trump trying to over-enunciate the words “Where’s Hunter?” Really, that’s all he’s got left? The B-roll padding on this video (eight seconds) is far longer than the video content itself. What a joke. Trump really is that far gone.

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