Donald Trump is “almost certainly going to go to jail”

Donald Trump is now being targeted by so many prosecutors for so many different kinds of crimes, he doesn’t seem sure which prosecutors to attack on any given day. Donald Trump Jr. has been falling apart at the seams over his father’s downfall, and has been trying to take it out on retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman of all people.


After Donald Trump Jr. posted an absolutely bonkers video in which he was so out of it that he couldn’t even pronounce the name “Vindman” no matter how many times he tried, Alexander Vindman fired back at him with a definitive blow.


Vindman tweeted this: “Your daddy is almost certainly going to go to jail for stealing classified documents and then covering it up. Then the whole Trump crime org. will collapse like a house of cards.” Well, you heard him. Donald Trump is indeed going to prison.

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