Donald Trump’s fundraising effort comes up short after his criminal indictment

Donald Trump’s team is bragging that he raised $4 million dollars in “campaign” contributions in the 24 hours after his criminal indictment in Manhattan. That’s a number that sounds like a lot, but when you put it in context, it really isn’t.


For instance, Puck News has reported that Trump raised $40 million dollars in his first three months after leaving office, at a time when nothing high stakes was really happening with him. This $4 million is coming in one shot, but it’s still one-tenth of what Trump brought in during his first quarter out of office. It’s really not a lot of money in that context. It’s got to be a small fraction of what Trump would have been hoping for out of something as dramatic as his indictment.


This is also part of a familiar pattern these days. Trump dramatically hyped his Waco rally, but the crowd was a fraction of what he drew in the old days. Trump publicly urged his supporters to take to the streets and protest against his indictment, but almost none of them did. And now his base isn’t particularly motivated to donate to him.

It’s becoming clear that Donald Trump’s base is as tired and washed up as he is. He’s spent the past two years mostly hiding from the public eye, and coming across as listless and lifeless when he has periodically surfaced. In order to hang in there with him, his supporters have had to spend these two years telling themselves that they weren’t seeing what they were seeing. And now they’re seeing that he’s just a sad broken man who couldn’t stop himself from being indicted and arrested. No wonder they’re tired.

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