Donald Trump goes berserk, begins threatening his former attorney Ty Cobb

Donald Trump’s former White House attorney Ty Cobb was one of the first people to go on television and state his expectation that Trump is going to prison. Now that Jack Smith has met with Trump’s lawyers and presumably informed them that Trump is indeed being indicted on espionage charges that will put him in prison, Trump is going nuclear – about Cobb of all people.


Trump is throwing a fit on his social network, calling Ty Cobb a disgruntled former Lawyer, who represented me long ago, and knows absolutely nothing about the Boxes Hoax being perpetrated upon me by the DOJ.” Trump then continues ranting for awhile, before threatening to take legal action against Cobb.


This is bizarre. There’s nothing here for Trump to even take action on. Ty Cobb is merely stating his expectation that Trump will go down for his classified documents scandal, the same expectation being expressed by most legal experts. Trump is frantically out of his mind about being indicted for espionage, and he’s lashing out in more panicked fashion than ever.

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