Donald Trump is already hiding from the cameras

Donald Trump tried to hype his trip today from Mar-a-Lago to Manhattan, in an apparent attempt at whipping up sympathy (and fundraising dollars) ahead of his arrest. But here’s the thing. It turns out Trump does NOT want the TV cameras on him when he’s being arraigned.


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace reported on air just now that after multiple major news outlets filed a request to be allowed to place live TV cameras in the courtroom during Trump’s arraignment, Trump’s own legal team filed a motion trying to block it.


It’s not yet known which side the judge will come down on. But’s telling that Donald Trump is the one who’s trying to keep the cameras out of the courtroom. That means he doesn’t want footage out there of him having to stand there as a defendant and sheepishly say “yes your honor” over and over again while the judge explains to him the restrictions he’ll be under from now until his trial.

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