Ron DeSantis’ own backers turn against him as his poll numbers crater

The problem with Ron DeSantis is that he’s still trying to follow the Trump playbook without understanding any of it. DeSantis is out there picking fights that don’t help him, positioning himself so far to the right that it’s scaring off moderates, and getting baited into every petty feud that comes along. DeSantis also has no personality, which doesn’t help.


So it’s no surprise that DeSantis’ rollout on the national stage is going poorly for him. He’s trying to run for “President of Florida” in 2024 and that’s not a thing. Since he began his national rollout, his 2024 numbers have cratered.


Now NBC News says that even some of Ron DeSantis’ 2024 biggest donors are cutting him off because they can see how disastrously this is going. DeSantis is done for now. He might try again after Donald Trump gets gobbled up by multiple indictments. But for now DeSantis would do better to find a dark corner and hide in it.

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