“Not the same guy” – Vladimir Putin’s health appears to be falling apart

There’s been growing buzz about Vladimir Putin’s health for good reason. He’s begun making uncharacteristically braindead strategic decisions. He’s been rarely appearing in public, and when he does, his physical appearance seems off and his personal behavior is bizarre.


It’s becoming so obvious that everyone on all sides is starting to notice. Even right wing clown prince John Bolton, a guy who’s managed to be wrong about every foreign policy take he’s ever come up with, is not acknowledging that Putin is “not the same guy” he was a few years ago, and that there are “clearly” some health issues at play.


Of course Putin’s failing health – whatever is wrong with him – appears to only be making him act more erratically and destructively. One would hope that his failing health finishes him off before he can do much more damage. But hope isn’t a strategy. In the meantime the world is stuck trying to work around this guy as he finishes falling to pieces.

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