Terrible news for Lauren Boebert

House Republican Lauren Boebert nearly lost her seat in November, coming within just hundreds of votes of losing to Democratic candidate Adam Frisch. It turns out Frisch is running again, and he has more momentum than ever.


According to new FEC filings, Adam Frisch outraised Lauren Boebert by a million dollars in the first quarter of 2023. In other words Frisch raised about $1.7 million, while Boebert raised about $0.7 million.


This puts Frisch in prime position to compete with Boebert, and beat her if the donations keep coming in. The House district they’re running in does lean seven points Republican, so Boebert does still have that one advantage up her sleeve. That means Frisch needs to keep outraising and outspending her in order to win. You can donate to Adam Frisch on his official website.

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