Jim Jordan tries his most asinine stunt yet

Even since taking control of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan has been holding public hearings aimed at propping up Donald Trump and spreading lies about the Democratic Party. Those hearings just haven’t gotten any traction, because Jordan is way past his prime when it comes to this kind of thing.


Jordan also keeps trying to meddle in the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal case against Donald Trump, by sending threatening letters to the DA and even threatening to subpoena a former prosecutor from the DA’s office. But now Jordan is floating his most asinine stunt yet.


Jordan has announced that next week he’ll hold a House Judiciary Committee hearing in Manhattan so he can spread lies about the crime rate there, in a frankly idiotic attempt at running interference for Donald Trump.

Let’s be real, this doesn’t even make sense. Jim Jordan will just get booed out of Manhattan, like Marjorie Taylor Greene last week. We give it 50-50 odds that Jordan even goes through with this stunt. Half of this stuff he just floats in the hope it’ll make him look strong, with no intention of actually following through on it.

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