Federal judge makes move in response to Donald Trump’s threatening rhetoric

Donald Trump has been publicly throwing a fit about the multiple criminal trials he’s going to end up facing, but it’s worth keeping mind that he’s also about to go through an important civil trial as well.


Trump and his accuser E. Jean Carroll are facing off in civil court, and while it’s not a trial that has any criminal charges or criminal penalties attached, the trial is taking place rather soon.


Trump has mostly stayed quiet about his upcoming civil trial, even as he’s publicly attacked the prosecutors, judges and witnesses in his criminal trials. But the judge in his civil trial has now responded to Trump’s attacks by providing total anonymity for the jurors in that civil trial.

This is a timely reminder judges are able to pretty much whatever they think is justified when it comes to keeping the sanctity of trials intact. This civil trial judge is already making moves in response to Trump’s rhetoric, and will make far bigger moves if needed.

The judges in Trump’s criminal cases will do the same – and in those trials, the judges can hit Trump with penalties including a gag order or even house arrest. So if Trump wants to keep ramping up his antics, he should be prepared for judges to keep ramping up against him.

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