This didn’t go how Marjorie Taylor Greene was hoping

House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is still trying to prop up a finished Donald Trump, no matter how toxically unpopular he is with mainstream Americans, because her deranged far right district still likes him.


To that end, Greene is now tweeting right wing propaganda articles aimed at minimizing the seriousness of the numerous criminal cases that Trump is facing. But it didn’t exactly go how she was hoping, with thousands of negative replies pouring in. Some of the typical replies:


– “There are lies in this article. The author stated that Trump didn’t call and ask for 11,780 votes. What good is an author who lies and a congresswoman stuck in 2020?” – @CarolFRNY

– “I thought he was everyone’s favorite and so popular that his ARREST was gonna propel him to victory?” – @GOPisComplicit

– “Taint elections you say? So, would you qualify calling the Secretary of the state of Georgia to ask him to “find 11,780 votes” “tainting” an election Marge? As an aside – he’s only running because he thinks it will shield him from prosecution.
Narrator: it won’t.” – @JoJoFromJerz

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