More controversy for Fox News lineup, this time surrounding the fate of Laura Ingraham

On Wednesday, someone leaked a proposed new Fox News primetime lineup that didn’t include current host Laura Ingraham, leading a a number of tweets going viral which mistakenly claimed that Fox had fired or had decided to fire Ingraham.


Hours later Fox News released an official statement insisting that Laura Ingraham is still a part of the primetime lineup and will be going forward. But it shows just how much controversy and calamity is swirling around Fox News and its personnel these days. Someone connected to Fox News appears to want Laura Ingraham gone, or else they wouldn’t have leaked this supposed new lineup.


This comes after a similar calamity a few weeks back, when a poorly worded headline led the internet to believe that Fox News had decided to fire Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo. That turned out to be false, but days later, Fox News fired Tucker Carlson instead.

So does this (allegedly false) leak about Laura Ingraham’s ouster mean that someone else is about to get fired at Fox News? Stay tuned. The whole thing is in freefall over there, and it appears to be every scumbag for himself.

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