Manhattan DA just used David Pecker to help seal the deal against Donald Trump

Remember over the weekend when Donald Trump told reporters that the Manhattan criminal case against him had been dropped? To the surprise of no one, it turns out Trump was just making that up out of thin air. He’d have been the last person to know such a thing anyway.


Today the Manhattan DA had former National Enquirer boss David Pecker testify to the grand jury against Donald Trump. So much for the case having been “dropped.” Pecker was involved in helping Trump bury his scandals during the 2016 election, including some of his affairs. It’s pretty obvious that Pecker’s testimony helps seal the deal for an indictment.


We still don’t know when the indictment is coming. But Pecker’s testimony today makes clear that the case is still happening and in the indictment is still on track. Trump can make up whatever he wants, but it won’t change the reality of what’s happening to him.

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