So much for Donald Trump’s big claim that the Manhattan case against him was “dropped”

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned over the years, it’s that if Donald Trump tells you something is true, don’t believe it. If Trump tells you that he’s scored a victory or pulled something off, you should be even less likely to believe it.


Trump claimed over the weekend that the Manhattan DA had dropped the criminal case against him. How was Trump supposed to have obtained this inside information? Why was Trump the only one who knew about it? That alone made it pretty clear that he was lying – plus the fact that he’s always lying.


Now that David Pecker’s grand jury testimony today proves Trump was full of it when he claimed the Manhattan case had been dropped, it’s funny how Trump has nothing to say about it. Over on his social media page, he’s not admitting he was wrong, or even acknowledging his prior claim. That’s because he just jumps from lie to lie.

Remember, when Trump makes false claims that he’s won a battle, it’s specifically because he’s trying to giving up hope and no longer bothering to fight back against him. But Donald Trump is not a source of information. When he makes these claims, the media should give zero credibility to them, and you should dismiss them out of hand.

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