Marjorie Taylor Greene just learned the hard way

House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is now joining Kid Rock (we can’t believe this is a real sentence) in boycotting Budweiser due to Bud Light’s affiliation with a transgender spokesperson. To that end, Greene posted this very stupid tweet:


There are a few problems here. First, as we said, this is a very stupid tweet. Greene is supposed to be a member of Congress, not… tweeting about beer. But the real kicker is that after Greene randomly endorsed Coors Light as part of her protest against Bud Light, numerous respondents pointed out that Coors Light is also standing up for the transgender community.


As usual, Marjorie Taylor Greene is showing herself to be ignorant, trashy, firmly on the wrong side of history, and very bad at doing research before taking a position. She can’t even stage a transphobic boycott over beer without screwing it up.

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