George Santos locks it all down as everything goes wrong for him

House Republican George Santos – yes, he’s still in Congress because his fellow House Republicans are refusing to expel him – can’t seem to catch a break. Nor should he ever catch a break. He belongs in prison, not Congress, and he’ll likely end up there eventually.


In the meantime, Santos is reduced to pulling silly stunts like showing up in Manhattan during Donald Trump’s arrest, and then whining that no one in Manhattan seemed to want him there. What did he expect? Come to think of it, polling suggests he’s nearly as hated in his own Long Island district as he is in Manhattan. No one seems to like him anywhere.


To that end, as things keep getting uglier for George Santos, he’s now trying a new trick: battening down the hatches. After he made a few Twitter posts in a row that got more negative replies than likes, he began locking down the replies on his subsequent tweets so that only the people he’s mentioned in the tweet can reply.

In other words, he’s not letting anyone reply to his tweets anymore. It would be fine for a private citizen to do this. But when a public office holder does it, not just for one tweet but for all of this new tweets because he doesn’t like what the public has to say, it’s just another sign that he doesn’t belong in office. House Republicans should all be voted out in 2024 for refusing to expel this jackass.

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