David Pecker’s secret vault of dirt against Donald Trump could be in play again

Donald Trump’s former friend and co-conspirator David Pecker of the National Enquirer has ended up being a key witness against Trump in Manhattan. As if that isn’t bad enough for Trump, he apparently has to worry about Pecker potentially having even more dirt against him.


It’s long been reported that when Pecker was running the Enquirer, he kept dirt on everyone – friend and foe – in a secret vault. When Pecker ended up becoming a cooperating witness in various criminal cases, it was never clear what became of all that dirt. Did he turn it over to government investigators?


Now former Trump adviser Omarosa is putting the Pecker vault back in play. She says “There was this infamous vault that they had at the Enquirer, allegedly, that kept all of this information about Donald.” Omarosa is a handful in her own right, so we’re not just going to take her word for it. But she’s not the first to reference the Pecker vault. It just means that Trump has even more to worry about going forward.

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