Donald Trump is “going to take himself down”

Donald Trump is now less than a full day away from being arrested in Manhattan and put in front of a judge for his arraignment hearing. During that hearing the judge will likely either hit Trump with a gag order preventing him from talking about the case, or warn Trump of an imminent gag order if he steps out of line.


If Trump had any sense, his focus right now would be on trying to avoid alienating the judge. After all, the judge pretty much controls Trump from now through the end of his trial. If Trump tries to break the rules, things will only get worse for him. And yet Trump seemingly can’t help himself.


George Conway explained today that he thinks Trump is “going to take himself down”:

At this point, the more Donald Trump runs his mouth, the more quickly his downfall is likely to come. He could end up misbehaving his way into house arrest or something along those lines, before he even gets to trial.

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