Republicans are in disarray tonight

Even after the Democratic Party-backed candidate won last night’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election by a whopping ten points, Democratic activists still know they’ll have to work hard to win it all in 2024. They just know that the door is now wide open if they do work hard.


Meanwhile over on the Republican side, they’re taking the news hard. Dramatically hard. Right wing loon Ali Alexander just declared on Twitter that as a result of the Wisconsin Supreme Court election, he does “not see a path to 270 in 2024” for the Republicans. That’s right, because the Republicans won’t be able to rig Wisconsin, Alexander is just flat out giving up on any hope of victory.


Then there’s right wing loon Charlie Kirk, who declared after the Wisconsin Supreme Court election that the “country is in collapse.” Wow. Talk about giving up.

This doesn’t mean the Republicans and right wingers are going to just totally roll over and hand us 2024. We’ll still have to work for it. But wow are Republicans ever in dejected disarray tonight.

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