Marjorie Taylor Greene throws a fit after getting run out of New York City

Did Marjorie Taylor Greene really think she was going to be able to make any headway by traveling to New York City for Donald Trump’s arrest and arraignment? Her attempt at a speech was quickly drowned out by anti-Trump audience members.


Now Greene is throwing a fit, accusing the Mayor of New York City of “giving a dog whistle of violence against me.” For the record, that didn’t happen. It’s just that no one in New York City likes Greene. At all.


Actor Tim Russ, best known for his portrayal of Star Trek character Tuvok, said it best in a tweet: “Hehe!! Marjorie Traitor Greene showed up for 10 minutes at the court house for the Trump arraignment them quickly got the hell out. She didn’t see enough MAGA crowd there to stir up and was being besieged by counter protestors. Ha!! That part was most enjoyable.”

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