Donald Trump succumbing to “slurred words” and “increasingly psychotic rants”

Donald Trump is on the wrong end of so many criminal probes and civil probes right now, he doesn’t appear to be able to keep them all straight whenever he begins ranting about them online and in his public appearances. But here’s the thing. Trump increasingly doesn’t appear to be able to keep anything straight.


Political activist Jon Cooper tweeted this solid point: “Trump’s slurred words and increasingly psychotic rants in recent days only highlight the growing likelihood that he’s going to fall apart mentally under the onslaught of serious, concurrent legal threats — the multiple criminal indictments, the E. Jean Carroll rape trial, and the NY state business fraud trial.”


Trump’s rants on social media have indeed become more psychotic than ever. This week he’s called for “World War III” while also saying incoherent things like “I will be heading downtown to meet with a Racist.” And Trump’s television interviews, where he’s rambling confusingly about “nuclear warming” and such, suggest that he’s going downhill fast.

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